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Potions are consumables which can be acquired during a run, a maximum of three potions can be held at any given time. There are no restrictions on duplicate potions.

Icon Name Effect
Block Potion.jpg
Block Potion Gain 12 Block.
Dexterity Potion.jpg
Dexterity Potion Gain 2 Dexterity.
Ancient Potion.jpg
Ancient Potion Gain 1 Artifact.
Energy Potion.jpg
Energy Potion Gain 2 Energy.
Explosive Potion.jpg
Explosive Potion Deal 10 Damage to All Enemies.
Fire Potion.jpg
Fire Potion Deal 20 Damage.
Poison Potion.jpg
Poison Potion Add 6 Poisons.
Regen Potion.jpg
Regen Potion Gain 3 Health at the end of your turn for 5 turns.
Strength Potion.jpg
Strength Potion Gain 2 Strength.
Swift Potion.jpg
Swift Potion Draw 3 cards.
Weak Potion.jpg
Weak Potion Add 3 Stacks of Weak to an Enemy.
Elixir Remove all Statuses and Curses from your hand.

Removed from game - Feb/01/2018

Fear Potion Add 3 Stacks of Vulnerable to an Enemy.